Inspiring Programs.

Engaging Curriculum.

A hands-on approach to learning is the mainstay of a curriculum that engages and excites little ones to grow and develop. Our age-appropriate curriculum integrates academic, emotional, physical and social learning. Children learn quantitative concepts, language, music, art and rhythm to build fine and large motor skills, as well as social skills.

Our pre-K program prepares children for kindergarten, and we offer a state-licensed all day kindergarten. Each classroom is equipped with computers that provide age-appropriate educational activities and games, and we utilize interactive SMART Board technology in our toy library.

Children at the Turrell Center are also learning valuable lessons on the importance of growing in healthy ways — physically, emotionally and socially. Each week, they discuss the importance of healthy choices through HALO (Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones). This is a unique, comprehensive substance abuse prevention program designed for children 3 – 6 years of age, and consists of developmentally appropriate lessons emphasizing the importance of growing in healthy ways.

Infant Program

We’ll Baby Your Baby

Our infant program is a nurturing “home away from home.” Your baby will nap in his own personal crib, build lifelong social skills with his primary teacher and follow his own individual schedule. Whether they are reading, singing, feeding or just cuddling with your baby, the teachers at the Turrell Center are helping your baby to grow, develop and prepare for toddlerhood!

Our bright, clean rooms are equipped with rockers, swings, bouncy seats, soft toys and books to soothe and stimulate your baby. When he is ready, your child will have fun – and develop his gross motor skills — climbing our soft gym equipment in our state-of-the-art baby gym. The baby gym has extra padded carpeting and a large variety of age-appropriate toys and equipment to help strengthen the gross motor skills necessary for your baby to take his first steps.

Your baby’s first year is one of wonder and excitement but also sometimes fears and worry. At the Turrell Center, our experienced teachers will be there for you to answer all your questions and concerns. From teething and diaper rash to ways to soothe and swaddle, the teachers will assist you in anyway possible to make you and your child feel safe and comfortable. They will also provide you with a daily report all about your baby. We pride ourselves in maintaining a strong parent/teacher relationship to make your first experience away from home a positive one.

Toddler Program

Ready, Set, Explore

We support the needs of the inquisitive toddler by providing a safe and secure environment for them to play and explore. Through this type of active learning, children can make discoveries about themselves, their abilities and the world around them.

Your toddler will participate in a variety of stimulating and fun learning activities that introduce early math skills (colors, matching, sorting), foster language acquisition and vocabulary development and promote social skills. Our teachers also continue to encourage self-expression through a myriad of music, dance and dramatic play activities.

Classes enable the children to feel a sense of control over the days’ activities, which is of utmost importance to a toddler. This sense of control and comfort is often carried over to make potty training here at the Turrell Center a success. Our teachers work closely with both the parent and child to ensure that this milestone is met in a comfortable and nurturing environment and at the child’s own pace.

Pre-School Program

I’m a Big Kid Now

The pre-school years are filled with new discoveries and a new found sense of independence for your child.

Each day here at Turrell, we embrace your child’s development and help to build their self-confidence. Independence and self-help skills are encouraged in every aspect of the program. Our spacious classrooms are designed with an array of learning centers to continue to encourage your child’s curiosity with the world around them. Whether they choose the Sand and Water Center, the Computer Center or the Art Center, your child will be learning skill concepts in an exciting and natural way. Our experienced teachers know that providing a child with a hands-on approach helps engages the child and create a life-long love of learning. Teachers use this hands-on approach along with a theme- based curriculum to provide a well-rounded day for your child.

Pre-K Program

Kindergarten Here I Come

Our Pre-Kindergarten program will challenge and prepare your child for elementary school learning. Here at the Turrell Center, our Pre-K classes utilize a learning- center based program with a focus on small group instruction. A small child to teacher ratio in the learning centers provides your child with the special attention necessary to encourage good learning behaviors and a positive learning experience. Our writing, math, listening, computer and dramatic play center activities are designed to challenge, not frustrate. Our program includes:

• Letter recognition, sound and writing
• Various math concepts, counting, graphing and measuring
• Listening skills and an appreciation for literature
• Computer skills
• Music concepts such as rhythm and tempo
• Art mediums such as watercolors, clay, & chalk
• Science concepts such as life cycles and weather
• And so much more!

Our classroom “jobs” help instill a sense of pride in your child, making them a responsible “little” citizen of the community. Our extensive program and devoted teachers ensure your child will be prepared for academic success in Kindergarten.

I’m constantly touched by your passion for the children, their classroom and their education. Oh Family