Parent Testimonial

Parent Testimonial

My wife and I can’t speak highly enough of Turrell Childcare! Our son started at Turrell when he was three years old and has returned for Pre-K. As an only child, his interaction with other children was limited and we couldn’t be happier with his social growth. Furthermore, we needed him to learn to speak in English (Spanish is his mother tongue) and we found the right place in Turrell (plenty of bilingual staff members and plenty of persistence and patience from all his teac…hers). The curriculum is solid and centered on preparing the kids for the next stage of their young lives by teaching all the essential skills while focusing on the importance of teamwork and accountability for making smart choices. We have seen our child grow in ways that couldn’t make us more proud.

The staff is always professional and all my son’s teachers have been great about keeping us informed regarding his progress. From the receptionists to the director, there’s a sense that everyone is on the same page and there to support one another.

Other highlights include their diversity of activities as well as their community involvement. From fire safety awareness presentations by the local fire department to events for families that strengthen the sense of community. My son is constantly engaged and looks forward to special events such as pajama day, farmer day, being the weatherman, as well as the many daily routines.

We had visited a few other schools before deciding on Turrell but word of mouth recommendations kept pointing us toward Turrell. My wife and I are both teachers and we can say that as parents who are in this line of work, we have chosen wisely. Thank You, Turrell, for making our son look forward to school each day and for making us so proud of his growth.

The Maggiore Family

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