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Featured Family

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We started at Turrell in April of 2014, after about 15 months at another local daycare center. Change is always difficult, and even though we were unhappy with our original center, we were nervous about making the switch. I have to say that coming to Turrell was a fantastic move, and one we haven’t second guessed.

My children know they are welcomed and valued as soon as we come through the doors in the morning. We receive a cheerful greeti…ng and some good morning small talk from Miss Kathleen at the front desk, followed by additional happy greetings from each and every person we see in the hallway, which includes various teachers, kitchen and maintenance staff, and people who work in the offices.

The teachers in the classrooms have created a wonderful, respectful, and FUN environment for the kids. Storm and Violet both look forward to going to school every morning, and my husband and I have been impressed with what they have learned. From celebrations and projects for every holiday, every book that is read, and every unit that is covered, to the spirit days, fundraisers, and family events that take place I am in awe of the creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into each day.

Thank you Turrell for cultivating a true community at the center. It does not go unnoticed and is always appreciated!
Lauren, Rich, Storm, & Violet Urban

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