Featured Family

Featured Family

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The decision to place your child(ren) in one day care facility versus another is very difficult at best. There are so many factors to consider: proximity to work and home; teacher qualifications; facility maintenance; cleanliness; cost; etc. It’s a decision in which every parent who faces it must be willing to place great trust given the precious package that he/she will be dropping off every da…y. We recognized that our children’s development wouldn’t and couldn’t be done solely in the confines of our own house but in concert with all the people, places, and things that we would expose them to from an early age, especially in the daycare/preschool setting where they would spend so many hours. For our family, Turrell was the setting in which we were going to place our trust.

Our children, Elizabeth and Anthony, have benefited from the nurturing care they’ve received from the wonderful staff. Elizabeth, who is now in Fourth Grade, is a very kind and loving girl who thrives academically. Anthony, currently in Pre-K at Turrell, is a free spirit (to say the least) who lights up any room he enters. Each of their teachers and caregivers allowed them to be the children that they are and fostered the confidence to mature in their own way. Through Turrell’s structured curriculum and enrichment programs, they’ve helped lay the foundation for our children’s growth and development socially and academically. For that, we are very grateful and proud of the choice we made nine years ago.

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