A Few Words from the Director

Welcome to Turrell Child Care & Early Learning Center! I’m Robyn Knapp, Director of Child Care Services. The Turrell Center is a wonderful environment in which children learn, grow and thrive. I’m a parent of a preschooler, and he attends the Turrell Center!

Whether you have a 2-month-old infant who needs tender loving care, a 3-year-old who is preparing for independence or a kindergartner who must learn elementary school fundamentals, the Turrell Center offers a high-quality, early educational experience to all.

For infants 8 weeks old and older, Turrell’s nurturing “home away from home” rooms are beautifully equipped with rocking chairs, cribs and age-appropriate toys to make your baby happy and as comfortable as possible. As cleanliness is paramount to your child’s health and well-being, all equipment is cleaned and sanitized throughout the day. Furthermore, to ensure your child grows and develops at his or her own pace, the Turrell Center staff allows your infant or toddler to follow his or her own individual schedule.

The vast majority of children who enter the Turrell Center at infancy stay through pre-K, and many of their parents report they continue to excel in school after graduating. We also offer full-day kindergarten and a summer camp program.

Please browse our website and see why we are so different from other centers. Because of our long history, special extras and dedicated teachers, the Turrell Center is a special place. Thank you for learning more about us, and please feel free to contact me for a tour at RKnapp@cafsnj.org or 201-261-2800.


Our boys have thrived in your classrooms!

Tuchman Family